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REMAR PROPERTIES Technologies Division provides end-to-end ICT solutions and services to a variety of internal and external organizations across the world as well as the various business units of the REMAR HOLDING. It is the leading service provider in data center and managed services, boasting vast experience in real estate, retail, hospitality, education, financial and healthcare solutions.


REMAR PROPERTIES Technologies Division have been awarded an ISO/IEC 20000-1:2005 certification for its IT Service Management System. Underscoring its adherence to IT industry best practices, it offers value and quality across all of its products and services, contributing to the enhanced operational efficiency of REMAR’s operations.


Led by a team of industry professionals, REMAR PROPERTIES Technologies Division is experienced in the implementation of business applications and software across all sectors and can help an organization formulate IT policies and procedures to strengthen its services. 


REMAR PROPERTIES Technologies Division takes charge of the time-consuming effort required when obtaining an appropriate product or service. Understanding a need is, in times, one of the most difficult phases of project implementation. REMAR PROPERTIES Technologies Division experts have a keen understanding of what businesses look for and knowledge on how to address their needs.

REMAR PROPERTIES Technologies Division does not just provide a one-time disposable product but offers a service for life. The services REMAR PROPERTIES Technologies Division offer, enrich the thought process of clients and enhance both their technology awareness as well their planning and requirement analysis skills.

Together with our devoted Partners, we offer value and utmost quality in the Products and Services provided, with minimum investments.





REMAR PROPERTIES Community Management Division (RCM) is the largest provider of professional association and community management services.


With an international team of highly qualified experts, RCM is the primary organization. Whilst essentially focused on working with assets to ensure sustainability, RCM provides necessary competences to manage Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) assets, as well as extending the assets lifecycle through preventive and reliability centered maintenance.


RCM handles every aspect of a community’s financials, from consulting, research and planning, to its day-to-day expenses and management. Established relationships within the industry means RCM can advise and offer economies of scale.


RCM has gone beyond being a community and association management company, evolving naturally into a community lifestyle manager and integrator.





Building on a track record of successful partnerships, REMAR PROPERTIES Industries & Investments Division rolls out strategic operational and financial initiatives that strengthen the manufacturing sector and create long-term value for stakeholders. 


REMAR PROPERTIES Industries & Investments Division (RII) capitalizes on the growth prospects of the manufacturing sector in Europe, Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, as a strategic investor and partner.


Accelerating the growth of local economies by creating jobs and boosting overall competitiveness, RII invests in existing businesses, or forms joint ventures with leading establishments to promote local manufacturing.


Since its inception, RII has created an impressive portfolio of industrial clients that manufacture a wide array of products. Furthermore, they have created hundreds of new jobs, remaining focused upon the innovative processes that continue to inspire investor confidence.


RII is focused on investing in sustainable entities and projects that are economically beneficial and commercially sound. RII maximizes the long-term value of its partners by driving industrial best practices, improving corporate governance, providing a solid and flexible capital base and ensuring sustainable cash flow.


RII focuses on capitalizing on the potential of the fastest growing sectors in the region including building materials, chemicals and petrochemical products, FMCG, healthcare, metals, engineering industries including equipment and machinery, electronics and electrical equipment.


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